The Samantha Years

Keeping Mama Busy- By Samantha

Mama feels bad for not posting this very important news….

We are home!!!!!

We got home last night. I am again on IV fluids and slowly moving up to full-strength feeds. I’m quite a congested pumpkin, requiring Mama to suction out my chest. BUT we are doing this all at home.

This last visit wore Mama out. We got home, met with our nurses, heated up a pizza and that was it….good night Mama.

Being the type of girl who likes to share, I gave Daddy my virus. He is feeling rotten. This makes Mama unhappy because Daddy won’t kiss her. Apparently HE doesn’t feel the need to share.

No kisses for Mama!

That’s okay…..I’m keeping her too busy for kisses.

Thank you again for all of my well-wishes. I am a very lucky little girl to be so loved.


3 thoughts on “Keeping Mama Busy- By Samantha”

  1. Well done on the sharing, Sam. Now your daddy will have to take some much needed time off. Enjoy your own bed and having both mummy and daddy by your side. xoxTnT


  2. So glad you are home. Perhaps you gave me a little present this week too? I have a little cough and laryngitis but it is more likely that my kiddos gave this one to me. Take care of yourselves and lets see each other soon but after we are all both better!-Ginger


  3. Sam – my mommy kisses me WAY too much and I think she gives me germs. It is ok for us to give them germs..but not the other way around. I am glad you are home. When you feel better I want to come over and play. Love, Max


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