The Samantha Years

Happy Birthday, Sweet Hubby

Happy Birthday to the one who keeps me sane…

To the one who I can say every awful thought in my head and who never judges me…

Happy Birthday to the one….who when talking about Samantha tonight, says “She just amuses the heck out of me. Life without her would be boring.”

Here’s to never, ever, being boring…..

Here’s to the man strong enough to be my man…’s not easy being my confidant…

And to the man strong enough to be Samantha’s Dad.

Love you hubbie

Happy Birthday

No celebration is complete without wine 🙂

And presents

And cuddles….

“It is a wise father that knows his own child,” William Shakespeare.

Amen Willie

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sweet Hubby”

  1. Hi Bart, you probably have never heard of me, I worked with Heather at Chiemsee in the ski school. All I can say is have a great day, enjoy Sam's giggles & ” chapeau ” Keep fighting the fight……Dave Formby ..Bernau, Germany.


  2. Now I really feel bad for calling 😉 It looks like a good time, sorry to hear you have the next day crud – you survived so long with out it.


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