The Samantha Years

It’s All Good

Along the way you meet some really good people doing some really good things…….

This is my friend Tami

Almost two years ago, Tami lost her baby son Landon to a mitochondrial disease called Leigh’s disease. Tami decided to organize a walk in memory of Landon and to raise awareness about mitochondrial diseases. The walk is called Landon’s Hope.

Saturday marked the second year we have walked for Landon. Tami has raised over $10,000 for the United Mitochondrial Foundation from her two walks. Sadly, this year we also walked in memory of Landon’s friend Maire who also had Leigh’s disease and passed away in August.

You would think this event would be sad but it’s really not. It’s hopeful and empowering. It’s fabulous to see these moms doing so well and doing something to raise awareness. It’s especially nice when you walk with a friend……

And talk about our kids, mito complications, medicine, life and perhaps another mito walk in the fall?

Today we also had our family support group picnic. Samantha met a new friend Calvin, who also has a mitochondrial condition.

Calvin was quite taken with Samantha, sat by her side and kept wanting to hold her hand. Samantha’s not great at reaching up to grab things but with a little help, Samantha and Calvin held hands for a little while.

I love these kids. And I love what they teach me.

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