The Samantha Years


The Courage Classic is less than six weeks away! I need to start taking this training thing seriously! I also need to start raising a little money for this cause so close to our heart, The Children’s Hospital.

The other day I was going up to the second floor of Children’s for a meeting. As I watched the atrium through the glass elevator, I realized how much this place and the people behind it have become a part of our lives.

We will never walk away from the Children’s Hospital; for several reasons. Samantha will most likely not be the recipient of a miracle surgery and go on to live a happy, healthy, ‘normal’ life. Samantha’s little body is fragile and will always have to be treated as such. A common cold can damage her heart, her lungs, her brain. We will always rely on our medical team to help us.

In getting to know our team, I have learned that doctors hug and doctors cheer, doctors cry, they too get frustrated, they stay up late at night to think of the best treatment for our kids.

Nurses remember who you are and although sad you’re back in, are excited when you’re back in their care. They sing, they pray, they have an affinity for Milano cookies. They step into our room and start to think of ways to make both Samantha and myself more comfortable. They send worried pages to doctors when Samantha just doesn’t look right

We give to Children’s because we are a part of the TCH community the same as they have touched our family. Because when Samantha needs to be there, I can’t imagine her in safer hands and because they truly do, love our girl.

If you too would like to give to our ride, you can do so right here: Ride with Samsmom

And hey, thanks 🙂

1 thought on “Countdown!”

  1. You are amazing…..I've passed the video on to my friends too! Thank you for riding. Maybe the supermoms should go up and cheer you on!!


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