The Samantha Years

Do we need bigger boat?

Did you ever see Jaws? Remember the guards on the towers, standing there, watching for the elusive shark? Welcome to seizure watch 2010. I don’t have a tower or binoculars but the last two days have been confined to the house, documenting Samantha’s seizure activity.

Sometimes her seizure can be fleeting like a shadow. Was that a shark or a school of fish? Or pretty obvious Hey, check out that dorsal fin.

When I see them coming on, the Jaws theme sticks in my head. Duh…..duh…duh… forgive my fish analogy. Seizures are the great white sharks of my life.

The good news is that I have become the old swarmy fisherman in fighting seizures. Remember him? The one with the boat? Yeah, he did get eaten but just ignore that fact, trivial…I can spot a seizure, call a neuro, document the time and prime a syringe with seizure meds…all while singing that crazy song swarmy fisherman sang...what was that song?

We have developed a great relationship with our neurologist. She trusts me and I trust her. On days like today, we talk several times….what did you give her? What can I give her? How does she look? When is it too risky to keep her at home? The goal is to try and manage Samantha’s seizures at home, without needing the bigger boat, without needing to head down to TCH.

After day two, we’re still hanging in there. I’ve maned the Ativan harpoons and kept a constant watch on Little Miss. Currently she’s on the floor, content and seizure free since 4:50 this afternoon.

Knock on wood. Perhaps we should order sushi for dinner.

Fingers crossed for an uneventful weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “Do we need bigger boat?”

  1. Damn sharks! I know all too well the feeling of your heart sinking just a little when you see each and every one. Not life shattering, just sobering.Good job manning the ship! I know exactly who you're talking about – the fisherman that tells that awful story about sharks during some war. Hmmm…I feel a metaphor coming on.I'll spare you! I hope the sharks stay away!


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