The Samantha Years

Bleep Blop Blurp Blip…..

My computer died on Friday.

It gave me no warning….

No, Hey not feeling too well today, you might want to backup

No Check engine light

Nothing, just a couple computer moans and the light went dead. I sat on the couch frantically trying to reboot but again, nothing.

I feel betrayed.

The good news is that techie hubby pulled the hard drive out and saved what I forgot to backup (for about a month) AND he ordered me a new fancy, light as air, new laptop!

Hubbie is good.

The bad news is that we are sharing a computer until my new-fancy pants one arrives so I’m a little remiss on my writing.

My mother called me yesterday to remind me I’m behind in my blogging and to say she could no longer look at the picture of the great white shark …especially in relation to Samantha’s health.

Okay, I get it… picture.

Instead of sharks, I give you puppies in a wagon. And the news that Samantha had a good weekend and has been seizure free since Friday evening (knocking on wood over here!)

Another thing that happens when you aren’t online as much is that you miss when your friends do wonderful things, like donate over $1,300 to your Courage Classic ride.

Once again you all are fabulous. Even more fabulous than seven puppies in a wagon.

2 thoughts on “Bleep Blop Blurp Blip…..”

  1. I need a mom that reminds me I'm behind on my blog…and a mac. what is your nice, thin device??I sure missed seeing you last night. Go Sammer-I had faith in your seizure free, non-keto day – here's too many more (I'm holding my beer way up high) 🙂


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