The Samantha Years

Where is my mother? By Princess Samantha

Yes, once again, I have to take over the blog. Mama is easily distracted. This week she was out gallivanting around…forgetting that her primary job is attending to me, Princess Samantha. She also got obsessed about the second Twilight book, New Moon and read 500 pages in four days. Yeah, Mama says she has it hard but look at these pics….I really don’t feel sorry for her.

Fortunately, I have others who love me dearly and pick up when Mama decides to be a little devilish…..

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you???

She was hangin’ with a rough crowd…..

Fortunately, Grandma Judi came to the rescue! Save me from devil Mama!

Before Mama grew horns, she and Pops went out on the town to celebrate his ’49th’ birthday (you can thank me later Pops!)

They went to an Avs game and Mama yelled obscenities at the Senators.

Where is the baby you may ask? Whose watching Samantha? Nonnie took over so that crazy Mama could have her fun.

Not pictured is Grandpa Jim…carseat mover and oxygen tank-changer extraordinaire.

Thank you…dear Grandparents, for watching over poor, abandon Princess. Mama would thank you too but I think she’s snoozing on the couch. I have to do all the work around here.


Princess S.

The Samantha Years

The Needs of my Fans….By Samantha

We have had an international request for more pictures! I keep telling my Mama that she has to keep my fans and their needs in mind…but she doesn’t listen. So I’m taking over. Here is the life of Samantha; or at least the last week or two 🙂

Here I am with something very important to say….is anyone listening? Anyone?

Mama and Me….notice how I look ready for a snooze and Mama looks positively wired. Welcome to my life.

Kisses from my daddy. This is a common occurance which I must endure.

See what I mean?

Pensive on the playground….

Mama’s favorite, favorite pic….can you blame her?

The Samantha Years

Bladder Battle

The fight for what should occupy Samantha’s bladder has been a tough one. I have been gunning for one occupant and one only.

Pee….that is the only thing that should be in Samantha’s bladder.


Samantha’s bladder on the other hand has been host to several nasties that we have been trying desperately to chase out. This last one was especially persistent and ended her up in the hospital. We WERE treating her for e-coli. While on treatment, another quiet, slow-growing little beastie decided to settle in and invited a couple sneaky friends.

When in the hospital, the doctors came in with two big-gun antibiotics, convinced they would do the trick.

“This will kill everything but the bacteria pseudomonas and the chances of her having pseudomonas are very slim.” They said confidently.

“Hook her in!” I said.

The next day our lovely Infectious Disease doc came in to talk to us. “We found out what bacteria is causing the infection…..


Are ya kidding me? The one thing we weren’t treating is the one thing she has? Stupid, nasty, pseudomonas.

So, we are now treating her with the right med and she is doing well. Due to her numerous unwanted, uninvited visitors, we are waging a full bladder war….cathing her daily and keeping her on prophylactic antibiotics.

I am a cathing queen. If their were a contest for the fastest cath I would enter it. Seriously.

Funny thing about prophylactic antibiotics…..Every time someone said the word prophylactic I would think of the only prophylactic I know…

A condom

Am I saying the word right? Maybe it’s a different pronouncation…are they saying prophylactic? I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to find out why they were using the same word as the word for a condom.

“So,” I said to the resident. “This might be an odd question. When I think of the word prophylactic, I think of…

A condom

….am I thinking of the right word?”

“Why yes,” She said keeping a perfectly straight face. “Prophylatic means to protect.”

Well of course! To protect! I feel a little better….and not nearly so dirty minded.

Wish us luck on our bladder ‘surge’! I’m donning my camo gear as we speak.