Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Outlook on Life

I used to be a ski instructor.

And I am not a good sunscreen user.

This lead to a large bump on my nose. A large bump that needed to be removed.

This really isn’t a big deal. It was not melanoma. I had a Basel cell carcinoma. Basel cells grow slowly, the cancer is not aggressive, 2,000 people die every year from cancer caused by Basel cells.

I think more people die every year from the flu. 

I went in today to have my little friend removed. I had MOHS surgery which I highly recommend to anyone with a friend on their nose.  

I was awake through it all. Hubby stayed in the waiting room and while cells were being tested, he made jokes about skin grafts having to be taken from my hiney.

Funny Hubby.

After round three of slicing things up, I asked the nurse if I could see my nose. She hesitated, “Dr. Allen really discourages us from showing MOHS work until it has been stitched up.”

“Oh, I just wanted to take a peek.”

“You really want to see?”

“Sure, it’s my nose.”

She held the mirror up and there was my nose, with a quarter-sized circle taken out of it. There was my face (which I’m fond of) with a huge, stinkin’ crater in the middle of it.

I withheld my urge to say “Holy Stink! There’s a huge freakin bloody crater in my nose!”

Instead I smiled and said, “Oh, he took quite a lot.”

Post-op, the doctor was stitching my nose from my eye down to the tip of my schnoz when the doctor asked, “Heather, you’re young. (I liked that he thought I was young) and I have just sliced up your nose and you’re so nonchalant about it,” he paused, “Either you are very confident in my abilities or you have a unique outlook on life.” 

I smiled. What a nice compliment. “Well, we have had a lot of medical tragedies in our life and here is what I know about today; I will walk out of here and I will most likely be rid of this nasty visitor I have. I will be fine. This is not arms and legs.” and then I thought about it. “And you know what? 100 years ago this thing would have eaten through my nose and I would have no choice but to take it.”

The doctor smiled, “And I thought it was the confidence you had in my medical abilities.”

“Well, that too.”

Lil’ Miss has given me so many gifts. Today was a reminder…’s not arms and legs.

Get well soon Dear Nose.