Day 18 Delights- Work brought us Together, Life Made us Friends

Tonight this rowdy crew was kind enough to gather for my birthday. But my birthday didn’t matter…..any time I have a chance to gather with this group is a celebration. I would celebrate national Lost Sock Memorial Day just to be with them

For the record, National Lost Sock Memorial Day is May 9th.

I love these people. I love that I met them all at work and despite career changes, life changes, and many other changes, we all are still dear friends.

Work can be hard. Work can challenge your ego. Work can challenge your friendships.

I love that this picture is peppered with love and respect. Love for who we are as friends and respect for the savvy, talented colleagues I have had the privilege to work with.



Day 17 Delights- Selfies in the Bathroom

My niece has her Physicians Assistant White Coat ceremony this weekend.

It’s not only fun to be proud of her, it’s fun to see her so happy and excited about this next step.

We had our first celebratory meal in a bougie restaurant where we ate truffle fries and drank champagne on Restoration Hardware couches.

And like any meal with truffle fries and champagne, afterwards we found ourselves taking selfie’s in the ladies bathroom. I know- it sounds odd but it was a bonding moment.

Go eat the world beautiful niece.


Day 16 Delights: Socks


Today was chilly.

I needed some good socks.

I invested in good socks this winter. This has been a good investment. I was never a sock person. I am a sock person now.

Good socks are delightful.

I pulled out a stripped pair of socks this morning and delighted in the fact that not only are they stripped and lovely and warm…..but these socks have a fox.

We kinda love Dr. Seuss around here.

I took my amazing socks out of the drawer, and they have been sassy companion to my feet all day. Delightful.

The great thing about delights is that there is no rhyme or reason behind why something brings you joy. A delight is a gift- you just need to notice.

Not only are these awesome socks but they are darn tough…. yes I know, I am a sucker for branding but putting these darn tough socks on my feet, looking at my tootsies and deciding I was also going to be darn tough today and well, that was a delight too.

PS- I am not paid by darn tough socks to put them on my feet but I do find them lovely and delightful. Go be darn tough my fearless friends. You got this- you’re crazy… a fox.


Delights Day 15- Small Things

I meant to post this yesterday in honor of the great Martin Luther King Jr.

I thought about this post all day- and then I laid down on the couch and took a nap.

My napping really kind of leads to this post.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.- my goodness what a man. What a leader. What a poet. What a speaker. What a mover of people. What a feeler of feels……What an extraordinary human.

On social media, there was a call to post a favorite MLK quote. Earlier in the day, I had found this gem and made it my own…..

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

In the amazing prose of MLK, this quote is not extraordinary. It does not speak to never losing hope, finding the stars in the darkness or loving my enemy.

But it does speak to what I can do today. And what I can do tomorrow.

I can strive to do small things in a great way. And maybe those small things become great.

Or maybe not.

But its what I can do.

Doing is delightful.

Happy MLK day.


Delights Day 14- Y’all are delightful


You are the best. Honestly the very best. I think you may have broke Facebook because I can’t find all the thoughtful posts from my birthday. If I have not thanked you, I cannot get to the post.

But thank you. Really- tonight I am a giddy, overstimulated, tired, 51 year old swimming in birthday love. Your friendship is a delight.

Today was spent with Hubs doing one of the things we love the most- we skied a bluebird day in Colorado. Friends joined us, toasts were made, skies were clear, snow was great………

On the 51% of a century, I have many thoughts about today, you precious people. and the beauty of this life. But tonight I baste in birthday love like a big ol’ turkey. You all are the best. I delight in you.