Life Today


I have decided to give this body part that has given me so many issues a name. Hence, I would like to introduce you to my right knee, Nedwina. 

Neddie for short. 

Neds when I feeling gracious. 

I think it’s a good name for when I need a little more somethin’ out of my knee. 

Come on Neds….give me another five.

And then Neds can promptly tell me to go to hell. 

Because it’s really not her fault she’s in this state. I’ve put her through a lot. And she has stepped up to the plate. Good knee. 

Hubs and I sat with the Ortho surgeon as he went through the geography of my knee. 

“See here? That’s some arthritis and the wear here? Oh, that doesn’t look good. And what’s going on over here? Huh. How old are you again???”

I am paying the Piper for my twenties. But just to be clear, my twenties were quite a lot of fun. 

And so it was decided after much debate that we would cut into ol’ Neds, clean her up and call it good.

The surgeon met Hubs while I was in recovery. 

“Your Wife? Your wife is waaaaayyyyy too young to have a knee so old.” 

And then……THEN they discussed my knee without me to defend why she looked that way. 

They went into the areas of decreased cartilage, potential bone on bone, craggy arthritis, and some crazy piece of something that what just floating around. And just how long I should hold out for a knee replacement. 

Hubs met me in recovery. 

“You’re a mess,” he said. 

“It took you this long?” 

“The doctor says you should no longer run.” 

“Never? Never, Ever?” I said. “I can no longer run???”

“You hate to run.” 

“I love to run.” 


“No, I hate it. But I hate people telling me what I can’t do more.” 

And so we discussed what the doctor said, bone on bone, knee replacement, blah, blah, blah. 

Never let an engineer be the first point of reference for not-so-good news because they take it seriously. Really, who takes doctor’s advice that seriously??

Engineers, that’s who. 

“Oh pshwah,” I said. “I’m sure it not that bad.” 

Seven weeks later Neds is still pissed. I’ve told her it’s time to step up and be the knee she was meant to be and the makes her even more pissy. 

And so I took her skiing. 

To be fair, skiing is waaaay easier that walking. And in the words of my doc “Well you really can’t do anymore damage.” 

And in the words of Hubs, “No doctor should ever tell you that. The typical patient fine. You? Not so much.” 

Sadly others in the family agree. 

Getting old is a bitch. But as I place an ice pack atop poor swollen Neddie, I give her a little pat and say, “Come on, it was worth it wasn’t it?” 

And although she tells me exactly where I can go, I think deep down inside she thinks it was worth it too. 

Don’t ya Neds?