The Samantha Years

Say Hello to my Little Friend

This is our new addition to the household….

I find it quite Williams Sonomaish, don’t you?

This is Samantha’s home pulse oximeter. The top line is her oxygen saturation (100% is great!) the bottom line is her heart rate. 128 is a little high but not too bad. Overall, I am happy with these stats.

This machine is a little chirpy but after a while, I hardly notice it.

Samantha has had a tough two days. We’ve had seizures that have been a bear to control. After talking to Children’s Neurology and tossing some really good anti-epileptic drugs at her, it is really, really reassuring to hook her up to the pulse-ox and know that her heart rate is stable, she can maintain her oxygen levels and she is not completely snowed by these meds.

This information can keep us out of the emergency room and helps the doctors we talk to make better decisions about the next course of action. This all makes our new little friend a very lovely, very dependable, little friend.

Speaking of the emergency room, our little friends have also had a tough week. Monster Max , Cici and Jacob will be visiting Children’s tomorrow for various reasons. In the words of Max’s Daddy……

“You ladies need to find a new place to party!”

Agreed. We are hoping to miss this party but will have our dear friends in mind. Please send them all a little prayer or good thought…..heck, chicken feathers are good too 🙂

To an uneventful night for all……

The Samantha Years

Ah-Choo!!!! By Samantha

Mama is sick….

Daddy is sick….

Nonnie is sick….

Auntie Poling is sick….

Seems there might be something in the air.

I guess when we were in the hospital and I would cough or sneeze (usually in someone’s face), no one gave a thought to getting sick. Everyone just cheered “That’s it Samantha! Get that nasty stuff out!”

It’s kinda nice that everyone puts my health as number one priority! But it’s sad that my naughty virus has infected my peeps.

Grandma Judi is NOT sick. This is a good thing because Grandma Judi spent Sunday at our house cleaning and planting tomatoes.

Mama’s quite grateful because Tuesday was spent in our spic and span house, on the couch.

Mama was not on her ‘A’ game. In fact I would give her a ‘C-‘.

Today Mama is feeling better and managed to rally a bit. She needs to rally because Grandma Lyn (Daddy’s Mom) is here to visit! I only get to see Grandma Lyn about once a year so this time is very special.

Come on Mama! Blow that nose, take a Day-Quil and let’s get going!

The Samantha Years

Happy Birthday, Sweet Hubby

Happy Birthday to the one who keeps me sane…

To the one who I can say every awful thought in my head and who never judges me…

Happy Birthday to the one….who when talking about Samantha tonight, says “She just amuses the heck out of me. Life without her would be boring.”

Here’s to never, ever, being boring…..

Here’s to the man strong enough to be my man…’s not easy being my confidant…

And to the man strong enough to be Samantha’s Dad.

Love you hubbie

Happy Birthday

No celebration is complete without wine 🙂

And presents

And cuddles….

“It is a wise father that knows his own child,” William Shakespeare.

Amen Willie

The Samantha Years

Keeping Mama Busy- By Samantha

Mama feels bad for not posting this very important news….

We are home!!!!!

We got home last night. I am again on IV fluids and slowly moving up to full-strength feeds. I’m quite a congested pumpkin, requiring Mama to suction out my chest. BUT we are doing this all at home.

This last visit wore Mama out. We got home, met with our nurses, heated up a pizza and that was it….good night Mama.

Being the type of girl who likes to share, I gave Daddy my virus. He is feeling rotten. This makes Mama unhappy because Daddy won’t kiss her. Apparently HE doesn’t feel the need to share.

No kisses for Mama!

That’s okay…..I’m keeping her too busy for kisses.

Thank you again for all of my well-wishes. I am a very lucky little girl to be so loved.