Life Today


Sometimes you are so busy doing the things you want to blog about, you have no time to blog about them.

Combine that with the fact that I am a horribly undisciplined writer.

And I have a slight Facebook addiction.

This equates to four months since my last blog post. Which is okay. But I really do like to write. My head needs to be purged at times and when I don’t write I become a bit of an emotional hoarder with thoughts gathering dust in my head like old newspapers.

So here I am.

Four months later.

It’s hard to summarize four months in one post so I won’t. This is my welcome back to my blog post….you have many of my ‘what I did this summer’ posts to come.

When I think of the last four months and all that has happened; the Courage Classic, the Mitochondrial conference, swimming from Alcatraz, our house remodel, work, family, friends, it is good….solid. This is a good spot.

But I had to take the time to recognize that my life is solid. What is my connection to this world? Where are my feet? What is the earth they stand on?

I sometimes forget.
I meant to post yesterday but this weekend felt like emotional dodge ball……so much sad news with little time to process. It’s hard to know how solid your feet are when you’re on your toes.

Last night I told my husband, “I need to write more.”

“So write,” he said.

Hmmmm. Yes.

But first I had to find my feet, feel the earth and remember my connection.

And perhaps a pedicure.