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Final (hopefully) Memorial Information

Hi All:

The service will be at Faith Evangelical Church at 11:00 on Saturday, July 31st.

The church is at 2707 N. Wilson in Loveland.

A picnic lunch will follow at Fairgrounds Park in Loveland, 700 S. Railroad Ave. Maps will be provided at the service.

All events are welcome to kids. The park has a wonderful water area so please feel free to dress casually or bring a change of clothes for after the service….the kiddos might want bathing suits.

We will provide sandwiches for the picnic. If you would like to bring a side dish or beverage (the pavilion does allow beer and wine), that would be lovely but it is not necessary. We would just like to celebrate Samantha’s life with you.

We know weekend time is precious and schedules are busy. Please feel free to attend the picnic but not the service (or vice versa) if you have other commitments.

In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Samantha Schichtel Memorial Fund
5951 S. Middlefield Road, Suite 105
Littleton, CO 80123

Or by making a contribution to the Samantha Schichtel Memorial Fund at any Wells Fargo Bank

Thank you again…all of you. We have never felt alone on this road and it because of you.

Heather and Bart

2 thoughts on “Final (hopefully) Memorial Information”

  1. Heather-I met you and Samantha at Ava's last two birthday parties. I just wanted to express my deepest sympathy for you and your family. This must be incredibly difficult and know that I am thinking of you. From reading your blog periodically, I know that you and Bart are very strong folks.


  2. Heather and Bart,Today's “Celebrating Samantha” was a poingnant gathering of those who were touched by your little girl. Tough? Absolutely. But oh so heartwarming.I am deeply honored to be among those caught in the ripples still moving outward from her sweet self. Kudos to everyone who contributed: Greeter, Officiant, Musician, selected recordings, live music, readings, (Bart's “Seuss” Story) and the touching slide show.It was all so joyous and comforting. I've been humming “Rainbow Connection” at my desk all afternoon. :)Hugs to you,Mj


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