Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


Last week I got a call from the Douglass County Coroner. It’s not a call you get everyday so I answered it.

“Mrs. Schichtel? We have plaster molds of Samantha’s hands. Would you like them?”

Would I like them? They’re imprints of my daughters hands. Yes please I would like them. Please put them in the safest place possible….like the place where you hide diamonds, the gold, silver, the secret key to the private bathroom.

“Oh yes, I would like them.”

I decided there was no way I would put the post office in charge of precious hands…no offense but I’ve seen what they do to my Crate and Barrel catalog.

So last Tuesday I loaded up the car with just me….which is still very weird and kind of sad…for just me and my purse to get in the car. I drove to Castle Rock, walked past the t-shirts and picked up her hands.

I couldn’t make it out of the building without stopping twice to look at the imprints.

Her hands…..her hands are just the most perfect thing ever. I waited until our anniversary to present them to hubby. They now sit in his office….her lovely, fabulous imprints of her lovely, fabulous hands.

We had no idea the coroner’s office was going to do this. What a precious surprise.

Right hand

Left hand


12 thoughts on “Hands”

  1. That's because your Mama asked them to while we were in the ER at Littleton. I had forgotten until Jim reminded me that I asked them.Love them!!!Mom


  2. that is so beautiful! what a wonderful thing for them to do.I've been away from blogger and am only now hearing about Samantha. I am sending you and your family lots of love. Thank you for sharing your wonderful daughter with us.


  3. Oh Heather–I so adore your story telling. Can never tell you enough. This is the most beautiful post.I bet your hubby touches those hands every single dayAlissa


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