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Courage Rides On……

Here are some things you should know…

I did not ride the Courage Classic.

Samantha’s memorial service was on that Saturday and I did not have the heart or the energy to ride Sunday or Monday.

But her team did….

Our team, pre-ride at the memorial picnic

Helmets and just a reminder of WHY they are riding up Freemont Pass

I LOVE that they rode. And I love the thought, enthusiasm and love they put into riding in memory for our girl.

Fully decked out….
This picture just gets to me…..the power and devotion of our team….our Team Samantha. What would we do without you all???
Even Grandpa Jim wore full pink and green Samantha bling….and he looked good 🙂

Up Freemont Pass

Here are some other things you should know….Summits for Samantha consisted of 7 members.

As a team, we raised over $9,000 for Children’s Hospital; over $1,000 per member. We raised the largest amount for teams under 10.

Over $4,000 was raised in Samantha’s name.

A big shout out to Jessie in Germany who raised $700.00….she started taking donations from our wonderful people in Garmisch.

And a shout out to you all….$9,000 is very,very impressive.

Thank you…..see you on Freemont Pass next year????

4 thoughts on “Courage Rides On……”

  1. What a beautiful thing. I just found your blog, somehow (I wander on-line and end up in places not remembering how I got there). What a beautiful girl you have. She reminds me much of my littlest boy, Reese. I look forward to reading more of your story.Nena and Reese


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