Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Santa Fe

I am posting from Santa Fe….

I left hubby in Loveland to hold the house down and water the garden….

I am using this time as a soul-searching, time-to-contemplate couple of days.

Today I walked out to the pool, sat in the sun and read a book.

I also watched the clouds and would look for faces and images in the sky; some I liked and some I didn’t, some seemed menacing and some comforting but they all changed as the wind blew in….

all the images changed.

I miss her and keep searching for her in simplest of places…a flower, a butterfly, an image in a cloud, a smell.

The finality of what we have lost is starting to settle in.

8 thoughts on “Santa Fe”

  1. The finality is, in fact, the most crushing thing the “left behind” have to cope with.But at the risk of sounding like a cheesey 7-11 greeting card, for Sam, the finality of all her barriers makes her free to be the wind, the clouds, the coming crisp air of Fall.I know that that doesn't make it easier when all you want is her wagon beside you at the pool. And I think it's probably very strange for you to be in a place where it's all about you, right my selfless friend? It's the ride….always a ride.Alissa


  2. Heather, she is everywhere. I want to tell you about my sisters journey. We have to have coffee soon. I hope what I have to tell you will comfort you. Be good to yourself, enjoy your time alone. A big hug, Lauren


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