Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Beach Love

My friend Cora sent this to me…..

Along with this message….

I’ve included as an attachment a picture of something we made at the beach in memory of your beautiful daughter. Made with some of the many shells at the beach, it struck me that even the broken shells and the simplest shells at the shore are creations of exquisite beauty, with their own stories to tell…..

Lil’ Miss has left a ginormous void in our world. But these thoughts and messages of love are little sprinklings of life…

we might just be okay….because of you all, we might just be okay.

4 thoughts on “Beach Love”

  1. What a beautiful thing to do and the reminder of the little broken shells is priceless.I can't imagine what o.k. looks like and feels like for you and your husband, but I believe it will come.


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