Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Life is Fish

My lovely friend Alissa treated me to all-you-can-eat sushi last night.

Alissa is an angel from heaven.

For those of you who have not witnessed a Heather Schichtel sushi event…..I can eat sushi…

Like a killer whale on a binge…

Like a great white shark on a feeding frenzy….

All you can eat sushi is nirvana to me.

Bring it.

Our waiter was lovely and told us the only way to take advantage of all-you-can-eat sushi night was if 1) you were really hungry

No problem

And 2) that you had a lot of time to enjoy all-you-can-eat sushi night

At that my heart stopped a bit. I’m not used to having an unlimited amount of time. I am used to a schedule. A schedule of meds, tube feedings, oxygen monitoring, ear cleaning, diaper changing etc.

I am not used to time….

But now I have it. I have more time than I know what to do with. Bart was traveling for work. I had nothing to rush home to. It was just me…I could sit in the sushi restaurant until the tuna came home.

And so we did. Alissa’s husband was with the kiddos (thank you Jerry). And so we sat and talked and cried and laughed and ate and drank for three hours.

Lovely. I waddled out of the restaurant like a happy Poppa Walrus, rubbing my little tusk, twitching my whiskers.

Time…..time to be with good people, to not look a the watch, that time might just be alright.

I got home only to find my grief sitting in The Void wearing my life is good hat and eating my Milano cookies.

Thank God I took my own time.

And thank goodness that I decided to have that rainbow roll for dessert.

I looked into the depth of The Void, flipped my grief the double bird and went to bed.

Yeah, life is fish….sometimes really tasty spicy tuna….

4 thoughts on “Life is Fish”

  1. Life is fish…I like that. You are the last person on my mind when I go to sleep at night, so the first in my prayers. Love you, friend. See you soon.


  2. I wondered if that grief beast would be waiting for you when you got home; I was willing him away as I drove back to Denver.You are one magnificent soul Heather (you'll-always-be-Simms-to-me) Schichtel. And my evening with you has made my whole week.So I propose we make that all you can eat trek once a month….Love to you my dearAlissa


  3. Hear hear! Fish it is. And the fucking grief monster be damned on a sushi night! god knows he comes in the wee hours when our defenses are down, so banish him but good on sushi night. I miss you. When might I indulge in your marvelousness?


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