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What has yet to happen?

I went to writer’s group today. Our prompt was to write about what is yet to happen….here’s what I came up with.

What has yet to happen….

By Me.

When the worst has come to fruition…when the Katrina of your life has passed, you stand knee deep in the murky water, you look at the ruin of your life and you say….

well f*%&

But then the sky clears. And the birds start to sing.

And you realize you can either be a participant or you can continue to stand in the murky water.

The murky water has snakes, and alligators and your feet have become all pruny.

So you drag yourself out of the water and think I survived, now what? Maybe I’ll just dry my feet, maybe I’ll let the sun warm my face, maybe I’ll cry, maybe I’ll praise the heavens that I survived, maybe I’ll curse the heavens…..

When you lose so much, it leaves little more to lose.

Perhaps it makes you fearless.

Perhaps it makes you reckless.

Perhaps it makes you dangerous.

Perhaps it makes you dream…dream big because their is nothing left to lose.

So who knows what is yet to happen.

11 thoughts on “What has yet to happen?”

  1. You are not alone, Sweet Heather. . . None of us know what is yet to happen! Only God and He doesn't tell us. Sunshine is my prayer request for you today! Love you, love you!!


  2. After I read your post, I saw this quote: “The lotus is revered in Eastern culture for its ability to push through layers of thick mud to emerge as a beautiful, fragrant flower.” Bloom! Love, Cynde


  3. Something wonderful is next to happen. I have that from a very reliable source–even if they refuse to give any more details.Love you!!Mom


  4. Yes, indeed…only amazing things from you. It might take you a while to get there…or there may be some moments where you have to stop and dream a little more…but only amazing things from you.


  5. My mother, who has never met you, shared with me tonight that you and Samantha have changed her. It was beautiful, what has yet to happen is already happening Heather.


  6. What has yet to happen? that is the mysterious miracle of tomorrow. Shaded irreparably by the shadow of our yesterdays, and hopefully the fullness of our todays. Oh, and the booze and drugs. Can't forget those. Thank you for writing. Within your truth, I find shards of my own broken truths. I love you.


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