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Hi Ho Hi Ho

I have almost been working two full weeks. Well, really I was always working but now I have an office. I am required to change out of my sweats, take a shower and report to a client older than four.

Alas, the changes in life.

It has been a funny two weeks. I have realized something……

I’m tired. I collapse into bed and sleep until the dreaded alarm sounds in the morning. I find this ironic because there were many, many nights when I didn’t sleep with Samantha and even when I could sleep, sleep did not come easily.

Perhaps this exhaustion is four years of sleep deprivation, perhaps it’s because I can no longer sneak in a snooze until 8 or partake in an afternoon nap. Perhaps it is having to be ‘on’ all day….

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…..

It doesn’t matter the reason, I’m tired.

And I now have no time to Facebook….I am cut of from the world.

Pre-work, people would say to me I can’t facebook, I’m too busy.

And I would think who is too busy to facebook????

Me, right now….so very tragic….

But never fear because my job requires that I get a Smartphone. So I will be able to facebook from my smartphone.

There’s a funny statement for you……facebook from my smartphone….I wonder if you could smartbook from your facephone? I don’t think I want a facephone.

I’m not quite sure about this smartphone thing. How do we know they are smartphones? Did they take a test? Study? I would have been the doesn’t exceed to her full potential phone.

What happens to the smartphones who don’t pass?

My new (old) company is also a green company…which is fabulous but kind of cracks me up. On the first day I got a coffee mug and a plastic cup. If you go downstairs for lunch and forget your cup, you’re outta luck…..

Because they got rid of all the disposable cups…..all of them. Adios Styrofoam… now how cool is that?

My welcome cup is blue. I forgot to bring it to lunch one day. I won’t forget it again. I was too lazy to walk upstairs and get it so I had lunch without a nice, refreshing beverage……I got very thirsty and I’ll tell ya, had a Styrofoam cup been there I would have used it. Thank goodness for quitting cold turkey.

Its been nice to be back. I am happy to report that these ten days have passed without strife…a little sadness but no strife.

Someone did steal my stapler today. I found it in a neighboring cubicle and stole it back….I was then told I need to work on my sharing skills…..remember my blue cup and work on my sharing skills????

I need a smartphone.

4 thoughts on “Hi Ho Hi Ho”

  1. Most days I would like to shove my smart phone where the sun does not shine…but it is my biggest secret love affair at the same time. Sleepy, sleep girl-you deserve it!


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