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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Baby Steps……

When Samantha died, we started a memorial fund.

And thanks to your generous contributions, we raised a significant amount of money.

And I thought…..what do we do with these generous contributions????

We could write a blanket check to Children’s….but we don’t know where it would go…

We could write a blanket check to the UMDF, for mitochondrial research but again….would anyone know who gave it? And why? Would anyone there care about our story with Samantha? Would anyone care about our story with Jack?

I needed more. You…..dear contributor…..deserve more.

So we have started a group for mitochondrial awareness in Colorado. I don’t ever want another family to ever feel as lost and hopeless as we did.

We have named our group Miracles for Mito. (Go and ‘like’ us on facebook!)

Today I met with the Colorado non-profit development center to establish ourselves as a legitimate non-profit with a real 501-c3 number.

We find out in the next two weeks if our application met the non-profit requirements and if we are accepted.

Keep your fingers crossed.

At times we are swimming upstream. At times the meaning behind what we are trying to accomplish seems insurmountable…..who knows what a mitochondrial disease is? Why should they know this? Why should it matter to them?

Every 30 minutes a child is born that will develop a mitochondrial disease before the age of ten….

That fact….if nothing else….should keep me in game. That fact and the fact that Lil’ Miss won’t let me stop taking these teeny, tiny, baby steps to make a difference…

….we just might make that difference.

Crossing fingers and toes….

4 thoughts on “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Baby Steps……”

  1. Wonderful — and have you ever considered hooking up with the organization Family Voices? I know several women who work for the Colorado chapter — they might also be able to help as your non-profit progresses…


  2. Hooray! As a J & S fan, I can not wait to contribute! you will take these baby steps and nurture it as it grows, probably larger than you van envision at this time 🙂


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