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Logo a Go Go

My friend and fellow Miracles for Mito board member Laura called me this afternoon.

Of course I missed the call.

“Call me,” was all she said and then hung up.

She called a bit later…..

“Call me!!!!”

My first thought was that something was wrong….I’ve been a bit programmed to think that way.

So I called her in the middle of Walmart in my search for a potato ricer for my Thanksgiving mashers.

“The logos are ready,” she said “Luke sent you a copy.”

Luke is our wonderful graphic designer who is working with us for Miracles for Mito.

He has logos……

he has our logos…..our logos for our non-profit.

Nothing like getting a little teary at Walmart in the middle of kitchen applicances. Turns out the Walmart ladies don’t know what a potato ricer is.

My mashers just might have to be mashed.

But it’s all good……I thanked the ladies of Walamrt, left with two boxes of Triscuits and a thankful heart…..we have logos, fabulous, beautiful, impactful logos.

7 thoughts on “Logo a Go Go”

  1. Heather I want you to know that the rare opportunities I get here in Panama for internet I always check your blog. I think you are amazing. Know that you are helping a Peace Corps volunteer get through another day in a third world country. You rock!!


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