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You Got That Right Pilgrim

These are my Grandparents….my Popa and Dodie. I still wear Dodie’s jewelry with utmost pride.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Today my Popa would have been 89. He died almost 15 years ago, leaving a legacy in the Simms household.

Dodie is in Hospice and isn’t quite sure who I am.

But that’s okay. I love who they are in this photo…..fabulous and untouchable.

My Great-grandfather did quite a lot of genealogy research to find that we are descendants of the Mayflower.

My Popa was quite proud of our lineage. Every Thanksgiving he reminded us that we are from a tough, proud, prideful stock.

In the first year, the pilgrims lost 56 of the 102 who sailed over.

And they still found reasons to be grateful.

On November 25, 2010, our first holiday and four months after Samantha’s death, we found reasons to be grateful.

I am grateful that my other set of Grandparents joined us; my Grandma Clem and Grandpa Al. Who has so many grandparents on the eve of 40???

I am grateful for the turkey button that pops when the turkey is done. I am thrilled I produced a golden-brown, beautiful turkey.

I am grateful that my friends tried to talked me out of a potato ricer. I didn’t listen but I am still grateful that you cared. And by the way, you were right.

For sale… potato ricer. Used once.

I am grateful that 18 of us gathered around a table.

I am grateful for 18 of us who chose to celebrate Thanksgiving at our home.

I am grateful for a family who loves us….who shares in our pain, our triumphs, and in our ultimate, evolving love for our girl.

I am grateful for friends who touched base just to make sure we were okay this Thanksgiving.

We have endured our hardships this year but we gathered around a table with pride, happiness,love and that stubborn determination……

…..that will move forward….because if we don’t, what else will we do?

You got that right Pilgrim.

Happy Birthday Popa.

4 thoughts on “You Got That Right Pilgrim”

  1. You got that right, Heather!! Our Pilgrim ancestors were a tough lot and so are the Simmses! I loved your Poppa and Dodie having grown up with them always nearby. Your Dodie always looked perfect! Your Poppa never missed going to the Mayflower Dinner every November in Chicago. The November before he went to Heaven, he was not feeling so great. I called him wanting to take him to the dinner. He would then keep his perfect attendance record. He just wasn't up to it though. He was proud of that record, but I'm sure that pride doesn't compare to the pride he has for you!! ~ His little girl!! Now, he is holding another little one's hand and laughing his wonderful laugh saying, “You got that right, Pilgrim!!” I love you guys and am so happy everyone was able to be at your home on Thanksgiving Day! xoxox


  2. What a beautiful photo! I have some vintage photos of my grandparents, too, that I absolutely treasure.Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving; your positive outlook is such an amazing gift to everyone.


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