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What is your legacy?

A couple weeks ago a couple of couples sat around a couple bottles of wine and discussed the meaning of our lives.

“I don’t think I have any regrets in my life,” I said. “Okay, slight regrets where my mouth got ahead of my brain but no big regrets…..nothing that I would change.”

Oh wait…..

I stopped myself. “I will forever regret it if I don’t finish the book.”

The book…..that daunting, unfinished piece of my life.

“The book is your legacy,” A friend of mine said to me today. “Samantha is your legacy. You, have a legacy to live up to.”

Well that’s almost as daunting as the unfinished book. I feel like Harry Potter whose calling is to defeat Voldemort, Bilbo Baggins and the ring.

I have a legacy to fulfill.


Last week we had our first board meeting of Miracles for Mito and it was really outstanding. We decided on a logo (to be posted soon) and met with Dr. Van Hove who gave us many, many ideas on how our foundation can be impactful.

We have quite a lot of work to do.

Driving home I developed a legacy stomach ache……an impactful, legacy stomach ache. Perhaps it was the pepperoni pizza , perhaps it was that last cup of Starbucks, perhaps I felt a bit daunted, uncomfortable in this new skin….regardless, I found myself driving home without my work pants.

That’s right, the wool gabardine just wasn’t working with my crampy, overwhelmed, twitchy self, so I pulled over on exit 235, took my pants off and drove home sans trousers…..I have to say it’s quite pleasant, especially if you turn the seat warmer on high.

And my crampy tummy felt much better.

Sometimes you take yourself a little too seriously when you start talking legacies. That’s when it’s time to drive home in your big-girl undies.

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