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Home is Where you Hang your Amaryllis

Hubby and I locked up the house for Christmas.

That’s right, I left the rotting Thanksgiving pumpkins on the porch, not a Christmas light or wreath was to be seen from the Schichtel household. We got the heck out of Dodge.

Well, I had one Christmas decoration, a pink and white amaryllis. But it hadn’t bloomed and as we left I figured I would miss our amaryllis blossom this year.

Shooba…..but we do have rotting pumpkins in the front

We spent Christmas with hubby’s mom. It was a restful, quiet, uneventful, chilly, white Christmas in Virginia.


Our trip home was a little stressful. The east coast is under a blanket of snow and the earliest seat available to Denver is Thursday. People have become a bit nasty, sad and angry that they might not be home until Thursday.

And I can’t say that I blame them

I have never been so grateful for a confirmed seat and then… first class upgrade! I felt a little bourgeois boarding the plane early, enjoying a glass of wine and a warm cookie in seat 5B.

Two year ago this time, we huddled in the back of the plane with Samantha as we returned from Hubby’s dads funeral and ate sandwiches Hubby’s mom had packed in a hurry.

The movement from one type of life to another is quite overwhelming.

We got home tonight, opened mail and packages delivered while we were gone. As I opened a Christmas card, I noticed our holiday amaryllis on the table, two perfect pink and white blooms with two more one the way. The subtle pink bloom against the green stalk is fabulous, perfect.

Pink and green, Lil’ Miss’ colors, it waited until we got home to bloom.

It was a lovely welcome home present. Perhaps we were missed. I might just have to get rid of the pumpkins.

2 thoughts on “Home is Where you Hang your Amaryllis”

  1. I was wondering if you were going to get out with the storms. Glad that you did…and got a little more comfort for the ride home. I love that you got the welcome from Lil' Miss too…she's been making the rounds this Christmas. She's our little Christmas Angel.


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