Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


I haven’t posted.

Because hubby and I have been here:

We took off for a week….just the two of us and sat on a beach for a while.

It was lovely and much needed. We took a vacation five years ago when I was 9 weeks pregnant with Samantha and a nervous wreck. I was afraid to go into the ocean because I thought I would be eaten by a shark…..seriously, a shark. I attribute it to a high-risk pregnancy after Jack but it still didn’t make me any fun.

I was kind of fun on this vacation. We both were kind of fun on this vacation. That’s not to say it wasn’t without our sad times. The irony that we can now do the things we couldn’t because we don’t have Samantha kicks me between the eyes sometimes…

but I think it always will.

I also think it’s nicer to be kicked with irony when you’re holding a mai tai in 80 degree weather while sitting on the beach. Location is everything.

We also lost our dear Dodie while we were gone. It was expected but still sad. She past away when hubby and I were on a sunset cruise.


We were also being piled with this crazy, yummy ‘adult-Hawaiian-punch’ while on the sunset cruise, which Dodie would have appreciated. She always liked a good party.

Most important we connected with who we are; as a couple and as two people trying to navigate this life. We held hands, we laughed, we cried, we sat in this amazing adult-only infinity pool and bobbed around on these giant, floaty, bean-bag things.

I took a surfing lesson.

I swam with a turtle.

I saw one butterfly; only one.

It was a good vacation.

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