Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Chicken Soup Trifecta

Here is my latest story!

Page 197 🙂

This book hits me close to my heart. The Uninvited Guest was written on a fluke when Samantha was still alive. I wrote it about the Grief parents of terminally ill children live with every day….the Grief about having a child who will not walk, not talk, a child who has seizures, a child who will never live independently. I wrote it about the Grief that seems to accompany everyday life and how to live with that Grief….how to co-exist with Grief and still have a fulfilling life.

When the call for stories was posted I thought this story wouldn’t fit, we have Samantha. This book is about those who have lost a loved one. We still have our sweet, little loved one.

But it was still about Grief….so with a little encouragement from my writers group, I sent it in.

And I never heard anything back.

A week after Samantha passed away, I got a letter of acceptance stating they would like to publish my essay.

I think about this story often and how I told myself I can live with Grief and still have a fulfilling life with this uninvited guest.

Perhaps I need to see it in print.

P.S- We are having a book signing party and kick off for our foundation. You can find details here– please let me know if you would like to attend

3 thoughts on “Chicken Soup Trifecta”

  1. Hi Heather,I wanted to visit your blog after reading your story in the book, and it saddened me to read about Samantha. I'm so sorry for your loss.Your story hit home for me on so many levels. You described the grief (we also lost a child – I've got a story in the book too) so perfectly – that's the way I live with it as well. I love your attitude and your writing style.


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