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What would I Tell her?

I had my next blog post all written out. But I hit a detour. By this…..

My friend Heather posted these pictures along with the caption “favorite picture of my friend…bachlorette party.”

First of all….rule of the bachlorette party….new moms are the worst! I remember going out on this night, telling my husband, “Oh everyone is a new mom. They will be tired. I’ll be home by 10.”

HOOEY! ….new moms can party like they have never given birth. I don’t know what it is, but they can ralllllly……this was a wonderful, fabulous, unforgettable night.

10:00….yeah right.

What is up with those nails?

Tonight I thought about this woman and I thought, what would I tell her?

Nothing… Except that she is strong and beautiful. And to wear that tiara with pride, never bustle that train, to love this time and to dance like she was a diva-disco, sparkly, party ball.

Because perhaps she is.

It would do no good to say that life is hard and never what you expect and blah, blah, blah….. We all believe we are different. And we will beat the odds…..

even odds that we didn’t know we had to beat.

And we SHOULD believe this….with all of our hearts. Because if we don’t, we would never move forward.

We would never know how strong we are when faced with the unimaginable, incomprehensible and the tragically sad.

But we DO move forward, stronger than we ever thought we could be. And no one could tell you that.

And even if someone did tell us the odds, the unexpected, the unknown or sad, we wouldn’t listen.

Nor should we.

2 thoughts on “What would I Tell her?”

  1. Keep believing…keep dancing…keep moving forward.The life you've lived since then has only enhanced you. We can never know what lies ahead, and if we live with the thought that pain awaits us, we will miss out on all the beauty life has to offer. Love to you dear friend.


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