Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

It’s April

Ah April.

Last year at this time we were in the hospital with Samantha. She had gone off the ketogenic diet because her little pancreas couldn’t handle the fat. It was the first domino in a line of dominoes….one thing after another.

I remember watching her levels rise thinking, how much more can one little body take.

So as another April comes around, I find myself thinking of this time, reflecting on what started a year ago.

I went to hot yoga this evening. I was stiff. My body felt rickety and unbalanced; a bit like my brain. But I did the poses as rivers (seriously rivers) of sweat poured off me.

An hour and a half later, I gratefully left the room feeling cleansed, stinky and as flexible as a slinky.

I couldn’t bear to put my boots back on so I walked into the parking lot barefoot. It was raining and the cool, wet asphalt felt like heaven on my post-hot-yoga tooties. The air smelled of wet earth, beckoning the tulips and pansies to bloom.

On the drive home, I turned the radio off so I could hear the rain falling against the car. I went from rickety and unbalanced to quiet and introspective.

Hello April.

1 thought on “It’s April”

  1. Aw Heather..sending hugs to you hon. Such dear memories. I can't say I can I have not been through what you have..but I am trying. So glad you have found an outlet. Beautiful post. Namaste, Sarah


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