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If Mitochondrial Disease were Osama Bin Laden

I have a fantasy…… Mitochondrial Disease is sitting in its fat compound surrounded by its minions, rare double- recessive gene and complex undiagnosed metabolic disorder, feeling protected and secure.

They are lounging in the lap of luxury, comparing notes on who has wrecked the most havoc on unsuspecting families. And then….suddenly, a group of doctors and researchers, armed with intricate genetic coding and the cure for mitochondrial disease burst through the door. Without a word, bullets of adenosine triphosphate, the source of chemical energy, spray through the air and destroy Mitochondrial Disease.

It is over. The reign of terror is done. No one will ever suffer at the hand of Mitochondrial Disease.

How would I feel?

The last couple days I have watched families who lost loved ones in 911 talk about how they feel now that Bin Laden is dead. They answer tired, un-thought questions…. Is there closure? Are they relieved? Do they feel like they can go one with their lives now? Did they dance in the street?

They look into the camera with a puzzled faces and most answer that yes, they are relieved but no, this does not give closure to their loss.

If Mitochondrial Disease were destroyed today, I would feel relief that the people I know and love who suffer from this awful diagnosis would be safe. But it would not give me closure, it would not make me dance in the street, it would not make me sing, Hey, hey, hey Goodbye.

As far as going on with our lives, I think anyone who suffers from a significant loss tries as best they can to go on with their life every single day and some days we do it better than others.

For the first time in my life, I question the theory that by taking someone or something away, it can fix what was taken away from you. I’m not sure it can.

But there is the obvious truth- Bin Laden was an evil, evil man who needed to be removed from this world. I feel better knowing he is not here. I am in awe of the people who so bravely put their own lives in danger and made this happen.

And if those smart, brave doctors came in, armed with a cure and destroyed this awful, evil disease, I would thank them and I would be in awe of their enormous brain power.

And I would secretly, selfishly wish they could also turn back time.

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