Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Oh Mother….

It’s Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I still have not come to peace with this holiday but I am working on it. My battle began this week with the radio. We have a local jeweler who I will call ……Shom Shane.

Shom Shane spends a lot of money on radio advertising; even more money during Mother’s Day and times when I happen to be commuting back and forth to work.

I’m driving along, innocently, and I hear this, I’m Shom Shane, Mother’s Day is a special time to honor that special lady.


There is no greater honor than to be a Mother. That’s why we have created a beautiful pendant of mother and child. The mother holding her baby close to her heart….

Usually at this time, I change the station. Except the one time when I changed to another station and the commercial was playing there too!

We carry these beautiful pendants in blue gemstones and in pink.

At this time I put in a CD of angry chick music.

Shom Shane can kiss my big toe.

Mother’s Day 1.

Heather 0.

It has made me realize that Mother’s Day must be hellacious for those trying to get pregnant….those who want nothing more than to have a little pumpkin….those who want nothing more to be a mom…..stupid Shom Shane and his mother and child pendants.

I pulled out of my funk on Saturday to join my friend Lindsay and her lovely dancers at Dance Fusion. They had been running a fundraiser for Miracles for Mito and presented us with a dance in honor of Samantha and a check for $218.06

The dance was to Baby You’re a Firwork. The six cents was because those little dancers were digging deep into their piggy banks to give money for Miracles for Mito; even pennies count

One little girl said that Samantha could take care of her kitty, who is also in heaven.

I think Samantha would like that job.

Nothing removes a Mother’s Day funk like watching 40 little girls dance in honor of your child. It made me speechless.

Which is hard to do.

The rest of Saturday was spent at the lovely Stanley Hotel, hanging with Hubby in a beautiful mountain-side suite.

Nothing removes a Mother’s day funk than a Hubby who just wants you to be happy.

In the midst of me working through my own Mother’s Day issues, a friend celebrated her 3 year anniversary of living with stage four breast cancer, another friend cared for her son in Children’s Hospital, another admitted her son today through the ER, another celebrated her first Mother’s Day without her mom.

And I thought, none of us live a Shom Shane radio commercial.

But we get through….some of us celebrate with home-made Mother’s Day cards, some of us celebrate with good friends who understand. I felt honored to have a troop of fabulous dancers and a hubby who took me to the Stanley.

And I never, for one moment, felt like I was on this journey alone and for that I thank you. I was bathed in the memory of who I am because of Jack and Samantha.

I hope on this Mother’s Day, no matter where you are in your journey of your life, kids, no kids, family, no family, I hope you are embraced.

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