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Happy Father’s Day Dear Hubby

Father’s Day……


Do you know that Father’s Day wasn’t considered a holiday until 1913? And it wasn’t until 1966 that Lyndon B. Johnson officially declared Father’s Day a holiday to be held on the 3rd Sunday of June.

What did we do until then?

Did our father’s not feel validated? I think they probably did.

Not that I have anything against Father’s Day….not really. I have a great Dad and a great Step dad and I am truly fortunate to have them in my life.

But this Dad’s Day left a hole in my heart.

It is hard to find a Dad’s Day card for your hubby that doesn’t talk about how great he is with the kids, or how much his help is appreciated, how great he throws a ball…..yada, yada, yada.

But I did find one that talks about us, because that’s where we are now….us.

So….us….I made coffee. And bought french crullers. And his favorite libation. And booked us on a trip to Costa Rica this Fall. And I followed him around all morning….are you okay? I think I’m okay. Are you okay?

And in the end, we were okay. We had a lovely Father’s Day. We honored my Father. We ate steaks in the backyard, drank wine and had figs smothered with Camembert…..yum

It did not fill the void. It did not fix the fact that Hubby is really pretty great with kids and would be (is) an outstanding Dad. But we did laugh, toast and remember our Lil Miss.

And we made it through another day.

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