Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


There’s some stuff going on……

Saturday was our 11 month anniversary of Samantha’s passing.

Tomorrow is Jack’s due date.


So on Saturday I did what any mourning Mama would do.

I did an Olympic distance triathlon. Olympic is a mile swim, a 30 mile bike and a 10k run. I have never done all of these distances at once. In fact, the last time I ran a 10k was before I was married.

But my crazy, searching-for-meaning self has found something in being sweaty, stinky, sore and having an elevated heart rate extended periods of time. It keeps me somewhat sane so I’m not questioning it…quite yet.

Signing up for this event was its own experience. I am now 40 so I qualify for the 40+ division. Also, since this is a USAT race, they divide classes by weight. If you are a woman who weighs over 150, you qualify for a different racing class.

The racing class is called Athena.

AND if you are a woman who weighs over 150 and you are 40+, you get to be in the Athena, 40+ division.

AND to track who you are during the race, they put your category on the back of your calf in black marker. I had A-40 on the back of my leg.

That’s right, Athena baby.

But I did it. And although I didn’t have a rockin’ time, I passed many 25 year-olds on the bike. That’s right, 25, you’re about to be passed by an A-40. Take it.

In the A-40 division, I placed 2nd. I placed 2nd out of 5 people but hey, I’ll take that ribbon.

Hubby cheered me on and even snapped a couple pictures:

I’m Athena hear me roar

On the run…..I’ll be there in a little while

Still running….


Still done!

Me and my lovely friend Jill who convinced me to do this. Thank you Jill!

Pulling into the parking lot before the race, the sky was pink, Samantha pink. I asked her to watch over her crazy Mama as I try to make sense of the life we’re trying to create.

She makes me want to live a better life.

3 thoughts on “Athena”

  1. Holy smokes woman!!! You actually look happy while doing these torturous things – I would be limping through! YOU make me want to live a better life too. I'm SO proud of you! Way to go, and I'm thinking of you lots!


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