Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief


Yes, another month has passed with no posting. It has been a busy eventful month with many blogging opportunities but with busy comes lack of blogging.

I will try to catch up.

Tonight I am also supposed to post on Miracles for Mito.

But I am not feeling very mitochondrialy.

There is a fire in my backyard. Well okay, not really from my backyard, about 20 miles from my backyard but it enough to fill the air with an acrid smell. The sky is hazy. And there is a large plume belching grayish-orange smoke into the air.

This is what a fire does to you. It allows you to use words like acrid, plume and belching.

I do not like it.

And although I am minimally impacted, I have many friends to the Northwest who are closer. We have been asked to volunteer our truck if needed. I have an Eggplant Parmesan on hand and a spare bedroom.

Other than that we watch this very hungry fire.

Today we went golfing and looked up at the horizon. The winds were about 30 mph and the direction of the smoke-cloud would change with the direction of the wind. I thought that this must be a horrible fire to fight….note to self…is there a good fire to fight?  Beyond the canyon, I could see two areas where the fire seemed to be fueling.

“What do you think is going on back there?” I asked our friend.

“Chaos” he said.

Yes, chaos.

Tonight driving home, I could see the bright red flames on the mountain. They were not visible yesterday but they have spread. Chaos.

My very wise friend Stephanie posted something on facebook that I will steal for the moment:

There is something endlessly fascinating and horrifying about such destruction. The reminder that we are guests here.

To being a guest….as we observe and live these moments. If we are a guest of Mother Nature, I am asking her to change the sheets once I leave….and please, a big stinkin’ glass of water would be very helpful.

And to my friends further northwest, I make a mean eggplant parmesan and we do have a truck 🙂 …stay safe.

And to our firefighters….well you’re just really cool

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