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Other Stories of Courage

Dear Readers……

Uh Huh…..I told you I would be boring for a month or two.

Here is a letter to our 52 RIDERS of the Courage Classic!!!! And a reminder (not from me!) why this is important….

Hello Team!

I hope you all have not melted! It is hot, hot, hot! I rode the Denver Century yesterday and I feel slightly pan-fried.
Kudos to my dad, Rick and Stepdad, Jim for riding with me. it was a good Father’s Day.

This weekend was really amazing. We attended a fundraising bbq hosted by a team member and his family. Kudos to his son, at 7 he is the youngest member of our team!

Once again, we will ride on Thursday evening from the entrance of Left Hand Canyon to Ward. Let me know if you will be joining us.
For those new to us, let me introduce you to my blog. You can find me at I started posting when Samantha first got sick and have ever since. I will be posting stories about the ride here.
I tend to be a bit long-winded and you all know why this is important to ME. But I have realized through this journey that we all have our stories. There is a reason why we are riding. So, if you feel up to it, let the team know why you are here. I can post on the blog or just share it with the team.

Tonight, another team member has shared his story. He rides with our team but also pulls a tandem for Team Courage:

One of the Team Courage kids went to see the Doctor today. The Doctor believes that he is ready for an ARC brace with a carbon fiber wrap. I have no idea what that is other than he needed to gain strength in his ankles before he could qualify for one. It will be fit into to both his new track shoes and his new bike shoes this week. We will test it on the bike Saturday morning during the Team Courage ride.

His mother thinks that running and biking (with Team Courage) have given him the strength for the new brace. She views this as great news. It comes up the front of his shin and velcros with two straps. He can now flex his ankle without the bulky, articulated, hot, plastic AFOs he has had his whole life. I am very excited for him.

I can’t take credit for this milestone but I hope I have helped in some small way. I wish I could have done something for Samantha. I like to believe Samantha is proud of getting me involved with kids that need help like Team Courage. What I wouldn’t give to have her and her smiling face on the back of my tandem during the Courage Classic

PHHHFFFFFFF…..well not only is it hot but I am crying. Consider me a nice steamed dish…..and consider me somewhat humbled by everyone’s efforts.

Keep pedaling! I am quite proud of all of you!


and……if you would like to donate….you can do it here…..

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