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Sweden and the V-word

I think perhaps we have become a bit silly.

And I don’t care if you are a democrat or republican, tea party or liberal. I would like to think that we are all educated Americans; concerned with the world around us…..

Okay….maybe not even concerned, maybe not even educated. But enough to know the world around us.

Enough to know that if you go on National television, your facts are straight. Enough to know that Sweden was not part of the communist block- that they are not evil,  And that really, if you look at how every country has fared during a world wide recession- Sweden has done pretty well.

PS- Our Miracles for Mito president is Swedish and I find her quite fabulous. So I am trying to tout us all as wonderful, Swedish loving people;

Which we are until you read:


PSS…Maria, don’t read this!!!!

PSSS….Also know many people who grew up in Eastern Europe and find them quite wonderful.

And you can say to me, “Heather, you are full of crap! I don’t want to be Swedish because they are a Socialist country and I don’t want my government to have that much control!”

And I will pour you a glass of wine and say “thank you dear reader to know that Sweden is Socialist and not Communist. In fact, let’s look at the lovely Swedish Royal Family while we eat some Swedish fish. They are quite tasty and do not have an alternate agenda at all….they are just fish. Well not really fish but candy…okay maybe they do have an agenda.”

Have we really waged a political war on Sweden?

This week we also waged a war on my private parts….which makes me just tired- between my private parts waging a war on me and the government waging a war on my parts.

Should Lisa Brown been silenced? No….should the Vagina Monologues been touted on the Michigan State Capitol?  Hmmmmm….I think the more we tout our division, the more we are divided. 

How can we understand our world?  How can we understand Syria? The crisis in Greece? Or the issues in our own country if we can not agree on the appropriate word?

Ahhh…the appropriate private part word. I have several words but I know my dad reads this blog so I will refrain.

🙂 You’re welcome dad!

We are so much better than this. We have better fights than this.

I am now going to eat some Communist Swedish Fish…..

1 thought on “Sweden and the V-word”

  1. Mmmm Swedish fish!!!!!! I would move to Sweden in a heartbeat if we could…swedish fish, Ikea, the likes of Maria…it's a little slice of heaven. 😉 And I'm exhausted of the political mumbo jumbo…lets just start a commune and go off the grid.


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