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Election Eve

Happy Election Eve!

I have decided I do not enjoy the political build up we experience every four years. It makes me uneasy, question my country and the people in it….

and it makes me miss my girl

Samantha and I voted together last time. She had been in the hospital for fifteen days with a MRSA infection. The weekend before I said to the doctor, “We have to go home! I have to vote!”

We were discharged on a Monday with IV Vancomycin. On Tuesday, we went down to vote….IV antibiotics and all. She looks resolute in her decision.

I missed her this year. My voice, yet charged, was not charged with the passion of fighting for her: Samantha’s rights, as a disabled child who could not voice her own.

On this election eve I filled in my tiny circles on the ballot and thought of our girl. She has taught me, that no matter how infallible we are, there is a time when we will need each other. And when, God forbid, we will need to government to help us. It’s not a bad thing, it does not make us weak. I have found more strength being in a community that needs help than insisting that I stand on my own.

So on Election Eve, I feel good about my vote. I am at peace with my decision. No matter where the nation takes us I have found a nation within my nation. This is a tribe of liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans and people who would like to continue to do good…dispute the crazy rhetoric around us.

To doing good.

And to my girl, who taught me to reach out to the tribe.

Happy Election

2 thoughts on “Election Eve”

  1. I saw this photo and said…oh Samantha…I miss Samantha. She showed you a new world, a world that you can never unlearn. She will be with you every vote from now on. ❤


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