Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Clean toilets

Last week I was talking to a friend who got caught in hurricane Sandy. She has been without power, without water and now without her washing machine.

“The thing is,” she said, “when I’m stressed I do laundry! And now I can’t!”

Being the ever sympathetic friend, I told her she could come out to Colorado and do my laundry….I give and I give.

Today I found myself scrubbing the toilet like a banchee’ and thought I might be a bit stressed too.

But the toilet is sparkling!

It is no wonder we are stressed. For some we won an election, for some we lost, for all we grieve that our country is so divided. We move towards a fiscal cliff, General Petraeus has resigned due to a torrid love story and (personally) our buddy Jacob fights everyday in the ICU at Children’s Hospital.

We should have many clean toilets…..or a lot of clean laundry. 

I was on  Facebook the night of the election. It was a bad place for me to be….because you know how I can keep my mouth shut…..hehehe

In retrospect, it’s a funny scenario….maybe…let me lay out the Facebook schedule:

7:00 pm: Everyone was nervous…crazy nervous

8:00 pm: “I’m so nervous, I’m drinking.”

10:00 pm:  The Republicans drank for the end of the world, the Democrats drank to celebrate and we ALL reconvened on Facebook and told everyone what we thought. I personally did not drink, but I was on cold medicine- I’m not sure which is worse

10:01 Social Media at it’s finest.

I was unfriended by a ‘friend’ within 20 seconds of the calling of the election. To his credit, he said “I am unfriending all of my democratic friends.”

No hard feelings, it was what he needed to do at the time. But I will miss him and his wacky updates.
Ted Nugent called me one of the following this week: a pimp, a whore and/or a welfare brat. I’m not sure what I would I’m going with rather be but I think I’m going with Pimp….I’m not very pimpin’ but I can try. I can swagger. I need a hat; purple, velvet.

But I think among us common folk, we are not all that different. We want what is best for our families. We want stability. We want to be proud of who we are.

And despite common myths, if you fell through the ice on a big lake, I would come and save you. And even make some hot chocolate.

Because I LIKE you. And I think you like me because we are still friends…on Facebook…which, as you know, is the barometer for human emotion.

And so, we move on, THANK GOODNESS we move on….bruised, battered and a little scarred. 

I’m glad we didn’t break up.  

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