Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Chicken Carcass

It is a new year.

And I have made resolutions….to be more present, to write more, to determine what path will truly make me content, to do push ups……

And to stick to a budget.

I KNOW! Holy heck…..a budget.

And those who know me are gwaffing at the last resolution. 

I am not a saver. 

I am a spender. 

And I LOVE to be the ‘I GOT IT’ girl. You know…..the drinks come to the table and you whip out the Visa and say “Oh no, I got it.”

LOVE TO BE THAT GIRL. And I do it well.

And I married a Saver.

And last month we determined if we want that lovely yet modest home in mountains….perhaps I need to be less of the IT girl.

Poop. …I love being the it girl.

But I tackled a budget and in an effort to save money I tackled the pantry, the refrigerator and the freezer. 

Because I like to collect groceries, like I collect clothes and I collect bags….. Maybe it’s my fear of the zombie apocalypse….

The world is coming to an end but we have tuffle oil and Manchego!!!!

Really….we could still feed that small village in our house of two.

Tonight I came home, assessed the freezer, yanked out what I thought was pulled pork, put it in a pot and proceeded to make dinner.

Hubs came home, looked in the pot and said, “What’s for dinner?”

“I think I’m making pulled pork.”

He eyed the pot suspiciously. Because it did not look like pulled pork, it did not smell like pulled pork…

It smelled like chicken.  

I have a habit of collecting and freezing chicken parts in the hope that I will put the chicken parts together to make a lovely chicken stock for an amazing chicken soup. ….but at one point this year…before the budget, Hubs looked in the freezer and said, ‘it is a frozen chicken graveyard in this freezer.”

And so tonight, in the effort to determine what was in the freezer, I accidentally made chicken carcass for dinner.

Our chicky ended up in the garbage…which I do realize is a poor Memorial for something that has spent so much time in our household.

Dinner did finally include a lovely brisket with sautéed spinach.

How does this bode for 2014? It really doesn’t BUT: 
  • If it smells like a frozen chicken, it probably is a frozen chicken.
  •  When in doubt, throw it out
  • I don’t want to label people. But maybe I should label my chickens
  • I might not be the IT girl, but you can join me for some soup J
  • A clean freezer is less fowl
To 2014 

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