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Oh Me. Oh My. Oh Life

I mentioned in my last post that a lot of what we did this summer, we could not have done with Samantha….

Well, we could have organized around Samantha; nurses, Grandparents and the like. But truth be told, some of the things we did this summer, we couldn’t have done with kiddos in tow. 

Which is where we are in our life. 

And thank goodness for those who help us to embrace this choice. 

In July our friends asked us if we would like to hike from Aspen to Crested Butte and back. It’s not a huge hike but it does involve some coordination; mailing of undies and a toothbrush, some work on the quads, And still, at the summit my dogs were barkin’. 

Not a bad view, eh? 

It was also our ten year anniversary. Happy ten years to us! 

I look old. 

And puckered. 

Hubs looks tired. 

But myyyyy goodness. Look at where we are……

The week before,  the world lost Robin Williams which really made me sad. I saw ‘Dead Poets Society’ my senior year in High School and it changed me- seriously. 

I devoured that movie. I went once with friends and then went again alone, just me and my notebook to copy down all of the quotes I loved. 

Here is what I realized….

  • It is dark in a movie theater and hard to write down quotes
  • If I had paid attention in English class, I would have known where to find these quotes
But no matter, I left with Carpe….carpe diem….to seize the day. I loved it. I wanted to learn Latin, get a blazer with a crest, attend boarding school, move to the East Coast and wear plaid. Most importantly, I wanted to make my life extraordinary. 

And so I became an English major and I wrote. I took a creative writing class and told the teacher I couldn’t write anything because nothing had happened to me yet. 

Silly girl.

And so this weekend we hiked in this beauty and I thought, as I seem to do quite often, of our fragile place in this world….and ironically, one quote kept repeating in my head.

‘Oh me, oh my, oh life!’

To be in this place, with Hubs and our great friends. 

‘Oh me, oh my, oh life!’

Hiking with our healthy bodies- which sounds so simple but we know so many whose bodies don’t do what they need to. I sang praises to my feed-a-village thighs. 

‘O me! O Life! Of the the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless….of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life?” 

Answer. That you are here- that life exists….that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. 

We hiked to Crested Butte, slept, ate a great meal, basked in good company, a beautiful place and hiked back to Aspen. It was a great weekend. A weekend where you just felt happy to be here. 

And honestly? Grateful that we can be happy….
Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Life. 

I am off to find my blazer with a crest. 

Oh and go vote! Contribute your verse. 

3 thoughts on “Oh Me. Oh My. Oh Life”

  1. We drove our 4×4 up into those hills at a time when I could have hiked them. The closest we got to the peak of a 14ner was Mt. Elbert. We had to turn back when the snow kicked in, and was getting post afternoon. Go big or go home right? I cherish the time spent with wife and kids.


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