Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Another post about Bath Salts

Aren’t there days you wish you could bathe in? 

Let the scent soak into your skin? 

Someone passes by and says, “Wow, what is that great smell?” 

And you would say, “Oh that was Thursday. It was an amazing day. Doesn’t it smell scrumptious?” 

And as you were typing or doing everyday things, you would catch a whiff and hold your palm to your nose……inhale…..ahh Thursday. Thursday was a good day. 

Today is Thursday. And I am trying to bottle the scent of this great, great day. 

My company gave $150,000 dollars to our Children’s Hospital today. 

Last time I checked, $150,000 was a lot of money. 

Rumor has it, this is one of many gifts

Perhaps today needs to be put into those baths salts I never use…..I would use this one. It feels fabulous….. dare I say giddy?  

My parent company doesn’t live here. They live in Dallas. But they are very involved in Dallas Children’s and heard about the money we raised for the Courage Classic. They decided they should be involved in Children’s Colorado too. 

I think I work for a mighty fine company. And how great is it to say that in a world of corporate angst???? I work for a mighty fine company. 

Here I am with our CEO and his amazing assistant. Both of whom have brought this gift to fruition. 

Here are a couple of us pre-check presentation

And touring the new Multi-Disciplinary Clinic- where a majority of money is going. 

Wait….let me post the check again

That’s a pretty check. That check is a beautiful, beautiful thing. 

So many things have brought this about. Some people say it’s my passion for this place but passion only goes so far. I have been so fortunate to meet so many devoted, giving, generous people along the way. 

And today, to be surrounded by the people I love, the doctors of Children’s, those who loved Samantha, the Leaders of my company…it was a good day. 

My mama put it best tonight-  

What an amazing and humbling chain of events set in motion by one courageous little girl. A truly awe inspiring day at Children’s Hospital

And then she saw two shooting stars and named one Jack and one Samantha…..

Amazed, humbled, extraordinarily grateful. Are there words? No, no words. 

I’m going to draw a big hot bath full of Thursday- hoping this love and gratitude soak into my pores. Hoping next week I can inhale the scent in my palm and think….ahh….Thursday. 

On another note- you members of this crazy tribe…. NONE OF THIS would be possible without you. My cup runneth. I would like to make a bath salt called Crazy Tribe. I would soak in the fabulousness of you all. 

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