Nitty Gritty Dirty Grief

Your Life is Sad

Guess which week kicked me in the hiney and then turned around, laughed and offered me a poopy sandwich? 

Yeah, this last one. 

You might have noticed it in my facebook posts on Tuesday;  my requests for prayers, thoughts, love,  good juju…..

And the same request on Wednesday. 



You can unfriend me, really. Last week was a big dose of reality pie. 

Without the Cool Whip. 

That was my second food analogy. I might need a snack. 

On Thursday, work friends and I piled into a car a drove to lunch. I monopolized the conversation with the following: 

– My lovely friend with Stage 4 breast cancer in the ICU fighting with cancer for every breath

– My lovely friend, Maria with her son in the ICU

– New friends who have moved to Colorado because they have lost two mito children in the last 6 months. Their third child, also with mito needs a medical marijuana called “Charlotte’s Web” to control her seizures. They lived in Georgia and are moving here to get the medication their daughter needs that is illegal in their home state. 

This is what I post on Facebook! 

Because it is my life.

We got out of the car and a friend declared she was not riding with us on the way home. 

Because these stories are sad. Heck- these stories are frickin’ devastating. And I tell them like I’m ordering a sandwich. 

Huh, another food reference. 

And I thought. ‘Am I that sad? Is my life that sad? Am I immune to what makes the normal person sad?’ Have I become a crab with a hard shell, beady eyes and a threatening claw? 

Perhaps…… I really like crab. 

Here is what I realized in the last week….You can have sad circumstances- you can have ass-tastic, my-god-is-this-my-life circumstance but that does not make you a sad person and that does not give you a sad life. 

On the contrary. 

It’s the point when you know the charade is over, you have nothing to hide, your life is so unperfect you have no choice but to call the tribe together- admit your brokenness, admit that you are so terrified by the unfairness of life, that your only choice is to share it. Ask other people to help with the load, the grief, the sadness. 

And the beauty is when they pick up the load and help you carry. And when so many people pick up the load, it is not a load at all, it can fit in your pocket, or maybe a cute handbag. 

I do have a cute handbag.  

We cannot carry our burdens alone. Life abiet amazing, is too hard to go alone. This week was sad and worrisome and beautiful and hopeful

and human. 

2 thoughts on “Your Life is Sad”

  1. We make friends because they are the ones who are supposed to support us in our time of need. You are not a sad person, you are a very strong person. Do no second guess that ever. Prayers for you and your friends this past week.


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