Life Today

There is Magic in the Unknown

Now is a time of magic. Let the universe take your hand and show you things you have never seen before. Now; at last, you’re open and vulnerable enough to begin. Celebrate the magic, the mystery of the unknown. Celebrate the miracles that will certainly come. 

– Melody Beattie; Journey into the Heart

I read this quote today and it could not have come at a better time. Today was our Courage Classic Kickoff for our team Summits for Samantha. 

I should not worry- our team has done GREAT- grown by leaps and bounds. 

But I do worry…..

I worry every year. What if no one shows up? What if no one rides? What if we have asked one too many times for donations? What if last year was our best year? What if we are not able to fund the Mitochondrial Clinic? 

Every year is new, every year is a mystery, every year starts with me feeling a tad vulnerable. 

And yet along with that, every single year is magical in its own way- magical in our friends who support us year after year, magical in the friends we don’t know yet, magical in the fact that every year is different  

It was nice to get a little reminder…..

Today I gave my little nephew a Summits for Samantha t-shirt that reached his ankles. He put it on over his clothes and twirled in between the tables. When he left the party, he told his Grandma, “Samantha wanted me to wear this shirt.” 

He’s three and never met Our Girl…..or maybe he did….the mystery of the unknown. 

This evening I pondered the day while looking over the blackberries at the grocery store- 4 for $5 is not a bad deal! 

“Hello.” a little voice said. 

I looked up and saw my friend Heather’s youngest daughter- Heather with stage four breast cancer, Heather who rode with us three years ago when in remission, Heather who lost her battle to breast cancer in November. 

Her youngest was shopping with her dad- Dad confessed he could not find the granola bars. 

And both seemed happy. And that made me happy. And so I bought those blackberries- because they make me happy too. 

I do not know what is next. I know I can plan. I can ask. I can recruit. But it is still unknown- our success this year is unknown. 

Perhaps by accepting this, I can keep my eyes open and watch for the magic. 

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