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24,000 square feet of Love

Ten months and 11 days ago,  I was at Copper Mountain registering for the Courage Classic. It was our sixth year riding, we were approaching $100,000 in team fundraising and it was Samantha’s 8th birthday.

I was a tad emotional

I navigated through registration with my friend and long-time protector, Heather. She had to help me navigate because, as usual at this event, there were tears in my eyes.

We were approached by a friend and TCH employee, Chris Martin, he too seemed a little teary as he handed me a ‘Gears of Courage’ team hat.

“Heather,” he said, “I just wanted to thank you for the generous donation your company has made for the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic. It means so much to us.”

What the? Wait? Who? I looked at the hat and thought, I can’t wear this. It’s not Summits for Samantha 

And I looked up at him, completely confused, “What?”

And so he told me…..about this great clinic in the plans. A clinic where complex kiddos can come, stay the day, see multiple specialists and confer with those specialists; one holistic clinic designed for kids with multi-system issues.

And he told me that the company I worked for had made a significant donation to this clinic.

And I cried.

Because that is what I do.

I knew a donation from ADS was coming but I didn’t know how it would impact Children’s. The fact that they chose to invest in a new clinic that would benefit kiddos like Samantha…..well call me fried and serve me with a biscuit.

In November we toured the site; a site very much in progress. It was very exciting but I couldn’t see it. It was big, and filled with natural light but it was concrete and sheet rock. And I was in a hard hat.

Yesterday, I was invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic and I SAW it…and I am so very proud.

I was greeted at the door by Dr Collins and Dr VanHove, our Mito docs. Dr. VanHove was giddy. I have never seen him like this….he was bouncing, bouncing on his toes.

“Should we tell her?” he said to Dr. Collins, he did not wait for her reply, “the Mito Clinic will be part of the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic!”

I hugged Dr. Collins at this news and looked at Dr. VanHove……who is Belgium, and a researcher and sometimes opposed to being hugged…..

“I am going to hug you now,” I warned him. And you know what?

He hugged me back.

We walked up to the clinic and were greeted by my beautiful nephews. My nephews call me HeHe….because Heather is hard and maybe I’m more of a HeHe anyway. The youngest signaled to be picked up. And we all made our way to the new clinic.

The clinic is bright, beautiful and BIG. The rooms are big, the halls are big, all to accommodate kiddos in wheelchairs who have a lot of stuff.

And of course…..there are Nays…

At least that’s what horses are to my nephews …..”Nay, HeHe….Nay!”

Yes Love, Nay….because it is all about you and you other little monkeys….and may you never, ever have to be here….

But if anyone ever has to be….

Rooms are 140 Square Feet, again to accommodate kiddos with a lot of ‘stuff’; wheelchairs, suction machines, feeding tubes, feeding pumps, IV stands….. The exam beds move up and down so transitions for non-mobile kiddos are easier.

Provider rooms allow for 24 providers to confer in one area

Telemedicine means that patients  who live outside of Colorado can talk to their local providers with Children’s Specialists

Alliance Data recognition- right by Samantha the Lionhearted 🙂 

Epsilon recognition- right by my castle

Epsilon team- by our lion 🙂 

The new CEO of Childrens, Jena Hausmann cutting the ribbon. She was so genuine and personal; asking questions about Samantha. She also commented on the amazing partnership that has evolved between ADS and Children’s during her speech. I think we are in good hands with this new CEO! 

Everything about this time was perfect. The love, hours, commitment and dedication Children’s staff has poured into this clinic is notable, you can feel it in the walls, in the squishy noise reducing hallways and especially, by the Lion. 

I have no idea how we got here….it is surreal and lovely and heartbreaking and hopeful. 

Lil’ Miss would have fit right into this clinic….and perhaps that is the very best thing about this clinic. 

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