Life Today


My Bestie Ginger took this photo of me after the Courage Classic.

I am lying on the asphalt because my legs were super-mad at me, I was tired, slightly delirious.

But I was something else.

So stinkin’ joyful I could hardly talk.


There. Are. No. Words.

And I’ll tell you why. I’ll tell you what you all have done this year.

1. Supported a clinic that made us the recipient of a $50,000 NIH grant

2. Brought another major donor into our folds to the tune of $40,000

3. Made us a Mitochondrial Network of Care. The only center in the Rocky Mountain Region

4. Raised $138,000 during the Courage Classic for YOUR mitochondrial clinic in Colorado

5. And finally, your advocacy brought the attention of my amazing company who donated $750,000 to the mental health clinic at Children’s Colorado

Ya’ll are too much! Too much! How much amazing news can one woman contain?

I will tell you this…..I was about to explode that weekend from so much good.

That picture above, the result of a joy bomb.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

So what happens now?

I’ll tell you what happens, the rubber meets the road my friends!

1. Our NIH grant goes to study the CARS gene and supplementation of a certain amino acid- all for mito research

2. Our generous donor is funding a study of POLG1 and the efficacy of a drug currently used for MS- all for mito research

3. Our Network of Care enables us to approach the hospital with a need for social workers dedicated to mitochondrial disease, collaborate with other doctors and further support for  visits to the mitochondrial clinic

4. $138,000 will fund additional research, Ubiquinol supplementation, and keep our mito lab up and running

5. $750,000 will help those Littles in our community who are suffering.

I hope it will help them find joy.

You all bring me joy. You are better than a rainbow colored puppy riding on a Pegasus unicorn.

And that’s pretty stinkin’ good.

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