Life Today

JOY! And mitochondrial awareness week :)

It is Mitochondrial Awareness Week.

Are you ready?

Are you ready for the onslaught of your friends posting about this crazy disease you have never heard of or maybe heard of in a bio class your sophomore but fell asleep to because it was so boring???

That is this week

We post because we have lost children, we have lost loves, we have lost futures, we have lost strength. We have cried, raged, cursed, begged, borrowed…….

But there is more to that.

We post because we are community. We are not alone. We have hope.

And without hope we are nothing.

Yesterday I went to a wedding of our Mito Mama Angela, her new husband and their mito warrior, Sweet Cal.

Cal and I approve of the union.
I was a lovely wedding but so much more than that.
This disease tears people apart. It ruins lives. It ruins families. It takes joy, stomps on it, spits a giant loogie and walks away.
Mitochondrial Disease is an asshole.
But we are more. We are so much more. We are hope. We are strength. We are community. We are loud.
And in spite of all the obstacles, there is still so much joy to be found
Ya’ll make me proud.
And joyous.
Thank you. 


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