I Love My Mitochondria

Lordy I do.

I do, do, do-do-y do.

None of us would be here without these tiny, beautiful organelles.

Like any love affair it is peppered with imperfections, loss, heart ache, curses, and the occasional throwing of a dinner plate across the dining room.

Regardless. At the end of the day. I love my mitochondria.

I love them so very much me and my favorite people made a t-shirt to proclaim our love.

I love this t-shirt.

I love my mito shirt

Here is what I love most about this messaging. Mitochondria are complicated, mitochondrial diseases are terrifying, if I hadn’t been forced to know about my mitochondria, I wouldn’t know about my mitochondria.

But now I know. And now I love them and I want the rest of the world to know them and love them too.

So hence my shirt. Which can be your shirt too! Send me an email and we can get you all set up.

Second best thing about this shirt? It makes you look really smart. Like crazy scientist smart. And for someone who got a D in chemistry junior year, I love to look scientist smart.

Here’s me and researcher in Toronto. He stopped me wearing last years shirt, “Hey, I love my mitochondria, are you a scientist?”


“Well of course! What other nerd would be wearing an I love my mitochondria shirt?”

No, alas, I cannot lie. I am merely a paramour of my mitochondria.

But keep working smart devoted researcher. Keep working on these complex forces of energy…..I’ll keep talking about how super important they are.




And get a shirt too!



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