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Five Days Before Colorado Gives Day!

Yesterday the world came together in a philanthropic effort for Giving Tuesday! It was impressive and heartwarming to see all of these amazing organizations.

And alas, Miracles for Mito was silent on this day.

Do you know why?

We are saving all of our donation moxie for Colorado Gives Day; only five short days away!!!!

Since are nonprofit was born in Colorado, serves the Rocky Mountain region and supports research at the University of Colorado, Colorado Gives Day seems appropriate.

For the next FIVE DAYS, I will post how our grassroots org has made an impact in this state we love.

Here is day Number 1!

DO YOU KNOW that many mito patients are told to take a very pure form of COQ10 called Ubiquinol as a therapeutic remedy?

A bottle of Ubiquinol is $125.00 out of pocket.

Miracles for Mito delivers Ubiquinol free of charge to our Mito families.

Your donation helps our families receive this supplement.

So hey, thanks! That’s pretty nice of you 🙂

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