Kindness and Your Place in the World

Tomorrow is World Kindness Day. I have a crush on this day. As I sit here and type, I am thinking of ways I can be kind tomorrow and perhaps incorporate acts of kindness into my life beyond tomorrow.

I have been the recipient of many acts of kindness and it has made all the difference. In my deepest, darkest times, I have felt unconditionally loved and that…..that has made all the difference in how I have bounced back from tragedy. YOUR act of kindness has been support and acknowledgement; creating a truth I have clung to; that I am loved and I will be okay.

Acts of kindness, reinforcement from an amazing community, a strong family, all of this creates resiliency to move forward in our darkest times.

Isn’t that what being kind is? Acknowledging another as a worthy person?

I see you, random car behind me at Starbucks. I see you. And I will buy you a coffee.

I see you person running up the stairs to the office and I will hold the door.

I see you team member at work and I will announce to my peers what a good job you are doing.

In holding a door, in buying a coffee, in acknowledging a co-worker, we may give a bit of ourselves, we give time, money, our status at work but more importantly, we show another we see them.

I see you.

In this world we are so busy. We glance at phones, look for likes, ignore what is in front of us.

For one day…..In honor of World Kindness Day.


Hold a door. Look someone in the eye. Give a dollar. Say good morning. Buy a coffee…..with the expectation that nothing may ever be reciprocated.

Just for one day.

Tomorrow I am channeling my inner Mr. Rogers. I will proudly wear my red cardigan and prompt you to be my neighbor. I’ve always wanted a friend just like you.

Mr Rogers Dance GIF by Won't You Be My Neighbor - Find & Share on GIPHY

In the words of this man, The world needs a sense of worth, and it will achieve it only by its people feeling that they are worthwhile.

Happy World Kindness Day. You know what to do.

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