Delights Day 2- This Community

I think many people come to this area in search of beauty- in search of connecting their soul to something a bit more wild.

My own healing weaves heart-pumping climbs up Flagstaff mountain to look over the front range. As I stand on top of summits, stinky and sweaty, I always think in gratitude how extremely lucky I am to live in such a place; to summit such beauty in the morning, indulge in a breakfast burrito and be at my desk at 8:30…..okay maybe 9:00.

And the majesty of the view extends to the beauty of this community. My social media channels are full of friends reaching out to others with GoFundMe links- supporting so many who have lost. Donation centers are posting that they have so much- they are asking people to spread the word to let those impacted by the fire that they have supplies and would love to distribute to those who need them.

Therefore, my second Delight of the Year is this amazing, compassionate, generous community. How lucky am I to not only live in this place but live here with you.

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